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A Kiss Before Dying (5/?) Part One

Title: A Kiss Before Dying (5/?)
Rating: NC-17  Note change in rating!
Summary: 15 year old Veronica has never been kissed and Lamb makes her a promise.  Characters/Pairing: Veronica/Lamb, (mentions of Logan/Veronica, Keith, Vinnie, Parker and Mac)
Spoilers: will eventually be through entire series but AU from 3X14
Word Count: 6694
Disclaimer: I don't own Veronica Mars or the phrase ‘A Kiss Before Dying.’   
A/N:   ok, so I always get really nervous when I write smut.  So nervous in fact that I literally reread it and edit it at least 15 times and by the time I post it, I really have no idea if it’s even any good anymore. And this smut in particular is really fluffy.  So what I’m trying to say is…..if it sucks, I apologize in advance.  On a lighter note….A big thanks to Sweetpea2100 for helping me make a choice about one of the sections in this chapter!! 

Chapter 5:  Part One



It was strange but once I stopped stalking Veronica I seemed to see her more and believe me when I say I wasn't complaining. We almost seemed to have come to a stalemate, the barbs and the snarks continued but the animosity began to lessen. There were even times that she actually looked happy to see me.

When she decided to go to Hearst instead of Stanford, well when she turned down Logan's offer to pay for her to go to Stanford that is, I was thrilled. I hadn't wanted her to leave but there was still some worry in the decision for me. I knew it was only a matter of time before she somehow insinuated herself into the Hearst rape case. Considering the personal aspect of the issue and that it was happening at her new school, it was just inevitable.

And I was right, within only a couple of weeks I was being called to a dorm room and who do I find but Veronica and her friend Mac comforting Mac's roommate.

Veronica looked devastated and I was confused. Well, at least I was until I got their statements.

They were going to a movie and had come back to the room to see if Parker wanted to go with them but there was a scrunchie on the door, a sign that she was busy, they didn't think anything of it and they left. When they returned later that night, both a little tipsy, the guy was long gone and they thought that she was just asleep so they didn't check on her and went to bed immediately.

They didn't know, there was no way they could have, and Parker wasn't mad at them. But it just hit too close to home for Veronica, she could have stopped it and she didn't.

When we got all the evidence we needed and one of my deputies escorted Parker to the hospital, I left in search of Veronica who had disappeared shortly after giving me her statement. It didn't take me long to find her, she was waiting for me by the stairs.

I looked around quickly before pulling her tight against me, she relaxed in my arms and I just breathed her in. I knew we only had a few seconds at the most so I made it quick. I kissed the top of her head and ran my fingers through her hair. "I know it won't do me any good to ask you to stay out of this so I won't. But what I am going to ask is that you be careful. Please, just don't get hurt. She looked up at me and smiled. And it was a real smile, something I hadn't seen from her in far too long. "I won't."

Half a minute later she was out of my arms and three students were walking up the stairs towards us.

As I turned to leave I couldn't help but notice that she was looking at me differently. It wasn't the way she used to look at me before everything went to hell, but it was close.


When she brought me the information about Mercer Hayes a few weeks later I was beyond worried. Not only was it possible but this was someone she knew. Someone she'd been around on more than one occasion, so I listened to her immediately. I had to make sure that if it was him, that he went down for his crimes. Having him near her just wasn't an option.

When I listened to her and took what she said seriously I saw something in her eyes that I hadn't seen in years, trust. Not a lot, but some and that was a miracle in and of itself. And I was on cloud nine, but that feeling didn't last long.

I don't know how he knew, but he'd figured it out somehow, Vinnie was a sneaky shit after all. And when he sent me the picture of Veronica at the River Stix I nearly had a heart attack, I was literally in the process of putting out an APB on her and running to my car when she walked into the station asking to see some guy in lock up.

She looked at me and must've known something was wrong, because once her 'clients' were gone she followed me into my office, set me down in my chair and set herself in my lap. She brought her hand up and placed it on my cheek. "What's wrong?" I didn't say anything, just showed her the picture. Her breath hitched a little and she looked at me mournfully. "Oh god, I'm sorry, you have to know that I didn't just go in there guns a'blazin. She ran in before I could stop her and I couldn't just leave her in there alone. Vinnie took that picture to help me."

I nodded, still a little freaked out and put my arms around her. "I figured, well I mean I hoped at least." I pulled her down to me and placed my forehead against hers. "God Veronica, you need to be more careful."

She smiled a little and leaned against me some more, running her hand over my arm. "You sound like Logan and my dad."

I flinched a little at the mention of Logan, he was still a very sore subject for me but I recovered quickly. "Yeah, well they're smart people."

She laughed a little and then sat up straight all of a sudden. "Wait, why did he send you that picture?"

"I don't know, I'm just as surprised as you."

She looked nervous and suspicious. "Blackmail?"

Fuck, I hadn't even thought about that. He obviously knew something and what if he took it to Keith, or someone else, it could potentially really hurt the both of us. But I stopped myself from getting too worried and pulled her back against me. "We'll worry about that if it happens. Not now ok."

Her response came out as more of a sigh. "Ok."

A few minutes later she was gone and I was on my way to Vinnie's office. He wouldn't be saying anything to anyone ever.


Later on I was looking into the new information about Mercer Hayes provided by the radio station when Vinnie decided to pay me a visit. I was fucking pissed, I'd thought I'd made it clear when I told him to stay out of it. I was ready rip him a new one until he opened his fucking mouth and actually said something useful for once.

That was how I found out about Veronica being drugged in the food court. Apparently he'd been on campus doing something or other and had been in the parking garage when he'd heard an alarm go off. He'd gone to see what it was and when he saw her on the ground he was about to go check on her (I wasn't completely sure I believed that) but stepped back and stayed in the shadows when he saw Logan running to her aid and taking her to safety.

And then he set something on my desk that made my stomach turn.

A few strands of silky blonde hair.

He didn't say anything else, just left the room and I sat there in fear. She was too close to it now and there was nothing I could do to stop her.

I spent the entire night outside of the Mars' apartment in my car just hoping for a glimpse of her, something to let me know she was ok.

By 8 AM I was getting impatient and was ready to go and see her for myself when my phone beeped.

I picked it up and smiled when I read the text.

I'm alright. You can go home now. <3 V

I laughed as I set my phone down, turned on my car and headed home.

She knew me too well.


Two weeks later she called me and told me to meet her at Benes Hall immediately, she hung up before I could tell her to wait for me, to be careful, and I was out the door and in my cruiser before anyone could ask me what had happened. I was halfway there before I thought to radio Sacks so he could send back up.

When I got to the dorm I ran in and started searching the hallways for Veronica. She was nowhere to be found and I started to feel anxious, my heart was nearly beating out of my chest. Where the fuck was she? I had pulled out my phone to call her when I saw Parker running towards me, she looked frantic and worried. "Sheriff, I heard a whistle."

I froze. Oh god. "Where was it coming from? Have you seen Veronica?"

She shook her head and looked even more distressed when I mentioned Veronica. "No, I haven't, but I think it came from this hallway."

My brain went into overdrive and alarms started going off in my head. Veronica had called me, now I couldn't find her and Parker had heard a whistle. I brought my phone back up and pressed send, it rang once and then I heard a phone ringing from somewhere close, it was Veronica's I could tell by the ringtone. She didn't pick up and I started to run following the sound with Parker still behind me. When it went to voicemail I hung up and redialed and when the phone started to ring again I found myself right outside the room it was coming from.

My heart started to hurt, she was in there and something was wrong I just knew it. I motioned for Parker to stand back, pounded on the door and yelled twice for them to open up, they didn't and when I yelled for Veronica I heard the one word I both needed and hadn't wanted to hear. "Deputy."

No, no, no. This was not happening.

I kicked in the door, gun raised, to find Mercer Hayes with a hammer in his hand and straddling Veronica who was half naked and in a crumpled heap on the floor. Rage filled me and I charged him, forcing him back into the other guy and they both went down. I brought my fist down hard, breaking Mercer's nose and knocking him out with just the one punch, his 'friend' didn't bother to resist.

Parker tended to Veronica, covering her and checking her for injuries as I put both Mercer and his friend in cuffs, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was barely conscious and she had the beginnings of numerous bruises on her skin, the worst being a large welt under her eye. I wanted to hold her, to be the one taking care of her, it had been too close and I was inwardly freaking out. If Parker hadn't heard the whistle and I hadn't listened to Veronica…I didn't even want to think about what would have happened.

When the ambulance arrived Parker rode with her as I stayed behind, finished the investigation and made a call to Keith. He sounded grateful and it had been so long since he'd had a tone like that with me I almost cried.

I didn't go to see her in the hospital or at her house. There were so many people around her that I couldn't get close to her. But I made sure that I was kept up to date on her condition and was beyond relieved to find out that not only had she not been raped, but we got to her just in time. The levels of GHB in her system could have killed her if she hadn't been found. I don't know what I would have done if she'd been raped again or had died. The thought of losing her was too horrible to bear.

When Echolls bashed in the cruiser I put him in the same cell as Mercer and his friend. Sure, there were 4 other cells available and I was fully aware of his intentions. But I didn't care and I stood off to the side watching as he took his aggressions out on them. It was the first time I was ever really grateful for Logan Echolls, watching was the next best thing to doing since I couldn't finish what I'd started earlier.

Four days later I still hadn't seen or heard from her and I was starting to get anxious. I started trying to think up excuses to see her or call her but couldn't think of any.

In the end it didn't matter though.

Because she came to me..

Part Two Can be found here   

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