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For Good (3/?) Part 2 of 2

Casey 2.0  (3/?)  Part 2 of 2
Chapter title: 5 weeks
Rating: R for this part, up to NC-17 in later chapters.
Summary: Casey always had feelings for her. But he realizes that he needs to become someone he himself can be proud of before he is worthy of her. So after he leaves high school he does just that and returns Neptune at the beginning of her sophmore year at Hearst ready for the chance he's always wanted.(Casey and Veronica CaVe)

Characters/Pairing: Veronica/Casey (mentions all VM characters at some point)
Spoilers: entire series
Word Count: 7592
Disclaimer: I don't own Veronica Mars, The San Diego Chargers and Padres, Sea World or Disneyland, HP, Photoshop, nor do I own anything to do with them or any of the organizations or nonprofits that might be mentioned here.

A/N:  this chapter is a collection of dates during the first 5 weeks of casey and veronica’s relationship.  It basically shows the progression of their relationship.

A/N 2:  Also, I don’t think that life time passes to Sea World and Disneyland really exist, but they are multi millionaires…so just go with it.




link to part 1:  http://community.livejournal.com/casey_veronica/3692.html

Part 2

Week 4

Date #17

So it’s obvious that for the first month Casey was the tour director for this relationship and that was fine with me.  It was kinda cute to watch him look for ways for us to spend time together, have fun and still spend as little as possible.  It made me so proud of him that he was so hell bent on being a good person and doing something helpful with his money.

So I decided that since he had done so much for me and for others…I wanted to do something for him. 

He always took me to the places that I wanted to go to, places that I’d enjoy, and on dates that were cheap to satisfy my need to stay thrifty.  So for this date, I wanted to not only do something that he’d like, but give him a chance to be a little frivolous. 

I’d gotten together with Luke and we’d set it all up so that Casey wouldn’t even know.  Casey was under the impression that he was going to see the Chargers play with Luke, had paid a pretty penny for seats in the sky box and had even made reservations at one of the new trendy restaurants in San Diego.

Casey was unbelievably stoked and had been talking about it for a week, Luke and I’d had the hardest time keeping the secret, but it was so worth it.  The look on his face when he got into Luke’s truck and it was me in the driver’s seat was priceless.  He leaned over pulling me into his arms and gave me a scorching kiss.  “Not that I’m not excited to see you, but what are you doing here?”

I smiled and tugged on his bottom lip lightly.  “Surprise!  Luke and I set this up.  He’s not your date today, I am.  Hope you’re not disappointed by that.”

Casey laughed and rested his hand on my knee.  “Far from it.  You’re a much hotter date than Luke, plus, this means I at least get a good night kiss, and you know how big of a fan I am of those.”

I leaned in again kissing him sweetly.  “Hmm, so a hello and a goodbye kiss. I think I can handle that…” His extremely skilled lips were making me forget the days plans as well as my name so I pulled away and changed the subject.  “Hope it’s ok if we take Luke’s truck, I can’t drive a stick, so that leaves your Porsche out and my car is still in the shop.”

He smiled again and buckled his seat belt.  “It’s fine, more than fine.  But are you sure you really want to do this?  I know football isn’t your thing.”

I smiled again as I put the truck in gear and turned down the driveway.  “Yeah, I am.   You’ve done so much for me Case, and I’m sure that you’ve taken me to places, like that art exhibit, that you didn’t want to go to. So this is me saying thanks.  You did what I wanted to do, so I’m gonna tag along on something you like and not say a single word about cost.  It’s a free Casey day.  Anything you want, you get.”

He smirked at my comment and his hand moved further up my thigh. “Anything, huh?”

I couldn’t help but return the smirk and I brought one of my hands down on top of his.  “Well, it has been a month, if you think we’re ready… then it fits with the day.”

The smile stayed but an air of seriousness came to his tone.  “But do you think we’re ready?  Are you ready Veronica?”

To be honest I didn’t really know how to answer that.  I knew I wanted him, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to take that next step yet. Getting physical with someone was still a huge step for me and I was having a lot of fun just getting to know him and I knew he felt the same way. Plus, I really wanted it to be special and this day was something I wanted to do for him, just for him. 

When I didn’t answer he squeezed my knee and kissed me on the cheek.  “Yeah, me neither, but I promise that when it does happen, I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.  But since this is a free day for me and I get to spend as much money as I want, on whatever I want, we need to make a detour when we get to San Diego.”

I turned to look at him suspiciously.  “Detour where?”

He just smiled.  “You’ll see.”


“So which one do you like?”

This was not happening, I was standing there looking down an aisle of top of the line Laptop computers.  I should have known he’d pull something like this but what shocked me the most was that I wasn’t mad.  “Casey, you don’t have to do this.”

He just shook his head and smiled.  “You have at least two and a half years of school left. Correct?”

I nodded. 

“And you can’t afford a new one and your old one is sorely lacking memory space and takes a freaking year to load a file.  Correct?”

“Well yeah, but…”

He put his arm around me and pulled me to him tightly.  “Then you need it.  It’s not a want Veronica, it’s a need and there is a big difference, you taught me that.  Plus it’s for your education which I’m a huge fan of, and for you, which I’m an even bigger fan of.  So please let me do this.”

Now how the fuck do you argue with that?  “Well ok. But I don't want you to think that I came up with this day just for this.”

He laughed out loud and gave me a quick kiss.  “Did you ask me to bring you here?  No, so no worries.  But you better pick quick, that 32” inch flat screen over there has your dad’s name on it and I gotta go get it.”

My jaw dropped and I sputtered.  “Case...What...You...?”

He laughed again and grabbed my hand.  “You might have a 'what I need’ policy but he doesn’t, and can you blame me for wanting to bribe my girlfriend’s dad a little.  The more he likes me, the more willing he’ll be to let us spend time together.”

I went to argue but he stopped me with a kiss.  “If he doesn’t like it he can bring it back.  But I know he will, he told me this was the one he wanted last week when I mentioned this trip.”

And once again my jaw dropped.  “My boyfriend and my dad in cahoots.  Should have known.”

 “Yeah probably.  But that doesn’t make you any less amazing.”

I leaned up on my toes and caught his lips.  “Suck up.”

He just smiled and pointed out a new HP.  “Look, this one has Photoshop on it already.”


Dinner was amazing and so was the game and by the time we got back to Neptune I was sure we'd both be beat, but we were far from it and decided to make a quick detour to Dog Beach before heading back to his house. 

The minute the truck was in park I was in his lap and his hands were roaming over my backside. My shirt and bra were gone within 10 minutes, as well as his shirt and it was so hot and heavy that we’d completely fogged up all the windows. 

I was moaning loudly as Casey’s tongue flicked over my erect nipple when we heard a sharp rap on the window and a flashlight tried to shine through the fog.  I yanked my shirt back over me and Casey rolled down the window slowly as the officer began to speak without even looking at us. “Luke, you know there’s no loitering here after 9PM I suggest you take your da…. You’re not Luke…”

Fuck….  “No dad, I am not.”

His eyes surveyed my appearance straddling Casey’s lap and as if Casey being without a shirt, my rumpled hair, inside out shirt and our swollen lips weren’t enough of a clue as to what had been going on, the fact that my bra was conspicuously hung over the steering wheel definitely was.

 I felt Casey tense and I prepared myself for the worst when my dad promptly smiled, gave Casey the 'get her home ASAP or it’s your ass' look and smiled at me.  “Behave, I’ll be home in two hours and I expect to see you there…alone.  Casey, it was good to see you as always, hopefully next time I won’t see as much.”

Casey’s vocal chords finally regained function and he choked out a quick.  “You too Mr. Mars, I’ll see you soon and I’ll take Veronica home immediately.”

I didn’t say anything else, just gave my dad a guilty look as he walked back to his cruiser.  Once he was gone and the window was rolled up, Casey pulled me in for another steamy kiss and he helped me take my shirt off again and put my bra back on.  “Bet you’re happy I bought him the 50” now huh?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I pulled him in for one last kiss before he pushed me into the passenger seat and took over the steering wheel.  “Never thought I’d say this, but that extra $200 was definitely well spent.”

So I guess there is a first time for everything.


Week 5

Date #21 

I’d fully intended to do it earlier but life just got in the way as it often does. I’d had an exam that morning and then a meeting with my advisor that went longer than I’d expected and the next thing I knew it was 4PM and I was supposed to be at Veronica’s in 15 minutes to pick her up for a date and I was already going to be late.  So I made the decision to go get her and go from there.

When I got to her apartment complex she was outside arguing with the super about the plumbing again.  I’d never had to deal with cold showers on a regular basis, but the few times I’d done it purposely, it was not enjoyable and to be honest I was really aggravated for her.  in the 5 weeks we’d been together, she'd had her share of cold showers, a bug infestation that carried from one of the upper level apartments into hers and a refrigerator that died and took 3 days to be replaced.  I’d only asked her once if I could help them find a better place and her reaction, while not ungrateful or angry, was so firm I didn’t bother to ask again.  And I knew better then to go over her head on this one so I let it go.

When she saw me pull up she let a small smile peak into her expression and I got out of the car and headed over to her.

If there was one thing I knew for sure, it was that her super did not like me.  After the fridge had broken and still wasn’t replace three days later, I’d stopped by and made it very clear to him that if it wasn’t replaced and repairs from then on weren’t done in a timely manner, I had numerous family friends that were lawyers and on the town council that would make sure things were difficult for him.  Low and behold it was replaced that night and he’d stayed out of her way.

When he saw me coming he just nodded and said fine before hightailing it in the other direction and when I reached her she tilted her head and gave me her interrogation stare.  I prepared myself for the worst and almost couldn’t contain my surprise when she smiled and kissed me. “I don’t know what you said to him, but from now on when I have an issue, I’m sending you.”

I smiled slightly and threw my arm around her, pulling her towards the car.  “Well I’m on call anytime Mars.”

She smiled again and leaned into me on the short trek to the car kissing me one more time before stepping inside and sitting in the passenger seat.  When I joined her in the car and pulled out of the drive her hand found mine on the gear shift and I smiled at her touch.

“So what’s the plan tonight?  Mac invited us over to Dick’s new condo for beer pong.”

I smirked and looked at her questioningly.  “Beer pong?  Since when were you into beer pong? And for that matter, since when was Mac?”

She shrugged and slunk back into the seat. “Well I’m not, and neither is she, but apparently Wallace and Dick have become obsessed and just the fact that they are getting along so well worries us, but she’s afraid that if they don't get more of a distraction than her incessant complaining she might lose them forever.”

I laughed and pulled her hand up to my lips kissing it lightly.  “So it’s not so much beer pong as it is a diversion from it.”

Veronica nodded and smiled.  “Correct.  And I know that Luke is presently on his way there, so does that sound like a plan?  Food, then friendly fun with friends?”

“Sure does….but do you mind if we make a stop first?”

She looked at me curiously and stayed quiet for a second in what I assumed was an attempt to figure out if everything was ok, and when she apparently couldn’t come to a decision she decided to ask.  “Of course I don’t mind.  Is there something wrong though?”

I smiled and kissed her hand again.  “No, nothing is wrong.  There is just something I needed to do this morning and I didn’t get a chance, but actually I’m kinda glad, I like the idea of you joining me.”

I looked over and she had a smile on her face that I swear could make my whole world turn round and round. “Ok. So what is this something?”

I took a deep breath and let it out. “Well, today would have been my grandmother’s birthday and the last two years I’ve come to town just to leave flowers for her and visit her.  Her birthday was always a big thing for us.  We'd always spend the day together and the last one before she died she barely knew who I was so it was hard. Now that she's gone I still try to spend at least part of the day with her.  If you don’t want to come with me you can stay in the car, but I’d really like it if you did.”

When I looked back at her she was smiling again and I already knew her answer but it was amazing to hear it anyways.  “I’d love to go with you Case.  But is there any way that we could…”

I stopped her before she could finish.  “We’ll get flowers for them too.  It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to see Lilly and I’ve never visited Meg I think it’s time I did.”  After all they were my friends too.

When we arrived at the cemetery with lilies for Lilly, yellow zinnias for my grandmother, and daisies for Meg, Veronica got out of the car and didn’t leave my side the whole time.  She clutched my hand as I left the flowers for my grandmother and told her all about school and Veronica.  And then as we made our way over to Lilly her grip increased and I was floored she was allowing me to be with her for this. When she set the flowers down there were tears in her eyes and I just stood back for a second letting her have a minute.  She didn’t say anything, just stood there for a moment and did the same at Meg’s.

I could tell it was still hard for her and came up behind her placing my arms around her waist, kissing the top of her head.  “You ok?”

She nodded and let out a small sigh. “Yeah, I just feel bad; I haven’t been here in over a year.  Just haven’t been able to get here and well, I haven’t had the strength to do it.”

Now that surprised me.  The thought of her not having the strength to do something, anything, just seemed impossible and I couldn’t help but wonder why.

As we turned from Meg and headed towards the car, a white head stone caught my eye and apparently hers too, because I noticed a hitch in her breath.  She froze for a second and just stared, Cassidy Casablancas was buried only a few feet from where we were standing.

When she didn’t move I got concerned and pulled her closer.  We’d never talked about that night on the roof.  She knew I knew about it and that had seemed to be good enough, but there was obviously a lot more to it that I didn’t know.  He’d killed all those kids, Meg included, and almost killed her and sure, that was reason enough to hate him, but this felt even more personal. 


She turned to me with a hazy look in her eye.  “Yeah?”

I cupped her cheek and kissed her lightly.  “What happened that night?  I know it’s hard and if you don’t want to tell me understand, but I’m here for you, whatever you need whenever you need it.”

A small smile spread across her face and she leaned into my touch.  “You might regret that.”

I shook my head and smiled.  “Never.”

We walked a few feet over to a bench, took a seat and she spent the next 20 minutes giving me a play by play.  I hadn’t known about her thinking Keith had died and it broke my heart that she had gone through that.  But nothing struck me more than one small comment she made in the beginning that stuck with me the whole time, one that she never explained.  She said that he was the first one to ruin her.

I didn’t understand that and as I listened my brain tried to work through it and though it took awhile I finally figured it out.

I’d always wondered why she had been so curious about that party at Shelley’s and why it was so soon after that she changed so drastically.  But just like the night on the roof of the Grand ,we’d never approached the subject and it was really bothering me.  So after she was done I pulled her around to face me and kissed her before letting the question go.  "Veronica, what happened the night of Shelley’s party?  What happened to you that night?  Did someone do something to you?”

I was fairly sure I already knew but I needed, wanted, to hear it from her.  And I wanted her to know that I was there for her no matter what, no matter what she’d been through.

When I saw the fear in her eyes my worries were proven substantial and she looked into mine for only a matter of seconds before turning away and not meeting them again.  “Casey I…”

I cupped her face again and turned her back to me but she refused to meet my eyes.  “Veronica, if it’s too much you don’t have to tell me. But I’m here and I’m not going anywhere and I want you to know that you can trust me.”

She nodded but still wouldn’t meet my gaze and when she spoke my heart sunk.  “Can you just take me home?”

I pulled her close again and kissed her temple.  “Yeah.  Whatever you want Veronica.”

She nodded again and stood up with me as we headed towards the car.  She didn’t let go of my hand the whole way home and didn’t say a word either and I really began to worry that I’d fucked up royally. 

When we got to her building, she leaned over the console and kissed me heatedly, which I hadn’t expected, before getting out and leaning back in quickly.  “I’ll call you later.  Ok?”

“Ok, if you need anything…”

“I know Casey, and thank you, but right now I just need some time.”

Once she was safely inside I pulled out and headed home opting out of a night with friends and instead choosing a night at home alone.  In truth, I probably could have gone and found out from Wallace and Mac, but I felt that would be betraying her and I didn’t want to do that. 

So as I unlocked my door and went straight to the living room and lounged back on the couch closing my eyes and dwelling on thoughts of Veronica Mars.

About an hour later I heard the sound of a car door and I assumed it was Luke so when the knock on the door came I was surprised. I got up and when I answered it my heart soared and sunk at the same time.  Veronica stood there with red rimmed eyes and mussed hair, looking like she'd gone through the emotional ringer and back again.

I went to speak, but the minute my mouth opened she launched herself into my arms and I breathed her in. “Are you sure you want to know?”

I ran my hands through her messy hair and kissed the top of her head.  “I want to know everything about you Veronica.  Anything you are willing to tell me is accepted here.”

She looked up at me then and I led her to the couch where she curled up in my lap, rested her head against my chest and let it all out. 

“That night, the night of Shelley's party... I was raped.”

My heart stopped beating with that one word.  Although I’d wondered, I’d hoped I was wrong and when I went to comfort her she stopped me.  “I just need to get this out Casey.  Not many people know what happened and it’s hard for me to talk about it.  But I plan on having you in my life for awhile and it’s only fair that you know the truth and I want you to know it, so please just listen.”

She planned on having me in her life for a long time….those were some of the greatest words I’d ever heard and I kicked myself for being so excited during such a hard moment for her.  “Of course.  Go ahead.”

She nodded and leaned into me further.  When she was done I was enraged, relieved, happy, and devastated all at the same time.  How could Beaver do that?  How the fuck could Duncan do that?  Despite the revelation of the rape I had to admit that what bothered me the most was what Duncan had done.  How could she go back to him after that?  I didn’t know, but I also knew better than to ask and as the tears fell from her eyes I wiped them away with my fingers.

It took her a few minutes to regain her composure and then she turned to me, her eyes dry but pink tear tracks covering her beautiful face. “So that’s the whole story.  The truth behind Veronica 2.0.  If you want out I understand.  It’s a lot to take, but I want you to know that I’ve made my peace with it.  I know it wasn’t my fault and I know that nothing could have stopped Beaver from killing all those kids, but it does still hurt sometimes and I guess that by staying away from the cemetery I was trying to keep from facing it completely.  I’m sorry I thrust this all on you.”

I smiled and turned her in my arms.  “I’m not going anywhere, remember?  I’m here to stay.  And like I said earlier, I don’t care what it is, if you need me I’m here, if you don’t, I still am.”  I cupped her cheek and left small kisses all over her face. “You are so amazing and so strong to have gone through that with no one to comfort you.  I’m in awe of the woman you’ve become despite the horrors you’ve faced.  I can’t fix what happened to you.  But I can be here for you and help you continue to heal and there is no reason for you to be sorry. Nothing about you will ever make me sorry Veronica.”

She gave me a small smile and kissed me before circling her arms around my neck.  “Thank you.”

My response was muddled as I nuzzled my face in her hair and held her tight. “No thanks needed.”

We spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms with the TV on in the background but paying it no mind.  Tangled together on the couch we shared soft kisses and caresses and seemed to have reached a new level in our relationship.

Full disclosure had brought us closer together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Thanks for reading!! Comment please!!

In case you are curious, I picked daisies for meg because they mean innocence and I thought it fit, yellow zinnias for his grandmother because they mean daily remembrance and lilies for Lilly because well that’s obvious.



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